Welcome Blast Power Gum To Team Seely
We are pleased to announce that Blast Power Gum is a new sponsor for the 2016 season.

Experience the surge of energy and vitality that is the California on-the-go lifestyle. Blast Power Gum will give you a boost of energy through active days and nights - wherever you are!

Having been manufactured by one of the very few companies in the world that has the ability to make functional chewing gum products, Blast Power Gum contains a caffeine content of 80mg per piece, the equivalent to that of a single cup of coffee, or one conventional energy drink.

Blast Power Gum is the only gum company on the market today that works exclusively with a company manufacturing a powdered gum base using a unique proprietary process, and it is this process that allows us the flexibility to create our own extraordinary formulations and flavors.

Using such a unique and proprietary process, active ingredients are added to a powdered gum base, and direct compression is then applied to make our gum tablets. It is this process that results in a finished product that has content uniformity from piece to piece, and also allows us the flexibility to create our own delicious and proprietary formulations.

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